6 billion others

The design is superb, but the concept goes even further. It’s worth to travel through these faces and see ourselves reflected in the words, emotions and feelings of these people, so different and so humanly alike.
From the project presentation:
“Created at the beginning of 2003, “6 billion others” aims to create
a sensitive and human portrait of the planet’s inhabitants. The
objective of the project is to attempt to reveal each person’s
universality and individuality. To achieve this, six directors set of
across the world to interview the inhabitants of the planet. The
questions chosen for these interviews are the ones which cut across all
humanity, everywhere and always: they concern the family, experiences,
tests, what makes us laugh, cry, what gives life meaning, and the like.”
Start here: http://www.6billionothers.org/index_en.php. Then, choose your preferred language (English, French or Italian), open your eyes, your ears, your heart, and enjoy an amazing journey through humanity at its most essential.

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