Dave Winer on the tech cycle

Very interesting post by +Dave Winer  on the tech cycle. He writes:

“There’s a cycle to tech. Something new and wonderful comes along with unlimited potential. The early users of it trip out. Some of them learn how to program, some of them already know how to. They become the developers of the new thing, and it becomes a platform. Then the investors notice something happening, and the business guys, and press people and money starts pouring in and companies start. More users. Lots more users. And more money and more press and more business people. Soon its a boom (…)
So keep your eye open for something cool and fun that doesn’t really work but has shitloads of potential.”

I read an excellent post by Rian van der Merwe about the acquisition of Sparrow by Google. The sentiment was familiar. We’ve been around this loop quite a few times.
First, who I am. I am a software user and developer. I was a developer for a big company in the early 80s, then started my own company. Sold out to Symantec. Our product, which was a big hit, almost immediately died. Our users were probably pissed, but I didn’t hear from many of them…

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